Leaving a tip for an appointment

When you check out a client’s appointment, the client has the option to leave a tip if they pay by credit card.


Here’s how it works:

  • Tap the client’s appointment on the schedule, and the details will display in the sidebar (1).
  • Choose Complete in the sidebar (2).
  • Tap to select the pricing option the client wants to purchase (3), and then tap the shopping cart icon (4).
  • To leave a tip, the client must pay with a credit card. Choose one of the credit card options (5). Swipe or key in the card information, if necessary.
  • You’ll see the tip options at the top of the signature screen once the card information has been accepted. Hand the iPad to your client.
  • No tip will be selected by default, but the client can tap any tip option on the screen to change that (6).
  • The client can tap Custom to leave a flat tip amount, or to enter a custom tip percentage. In a popup menu, they’ll choose Percent or Amount, and then enter the custom tip. Then, they’ll tap Set tip to add it to the ticket (7).
  • Next, the client will use a fingertip to sign for the purchase, tap I agree, and then hand the iPad back to you (8).
  • Choose an email option for the receipt, and enter the client’s email address if necessary. Then, tap Process Sale to finish (9).



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