Sales reports: Recent Sales and Credit & Debit Sales

You can view your recent sales and, if you use MINDBODY merchant account processing, you can also view your credit and debit transactions.

Keep in mind that these reports are location-specific. If you need to see data for a different location, just use the location filter to choose a specific location. To see your online sales, choose Online Store as the location.


Recent Sales

  • Click the Recent Sales icon to see a record of your sales transactions.
  • You’ll see the total sales for each day in accrual and cash basisYou'll also be able to see the details of each sales transaction, including the client’s name, the sale date, the items purchased, the staff member who completed the sale, and the total ticket cost. Returns will show up in red (1).
  • Click any sales transaction to see more details about it (2).
  • This allows you to view the Sale ID, the exact time of the sale, the tax charged, and the payment method used (3).
  • Hit the back arrow at the top left to return to the record of all recent sales.

Note: Only staff members with permission to view Sales / Sales by Category / Sales by Services reports will see this icon.


Credit & Debit Sales
If you use integrated merchant account processing, you can tap the Credit & Debit Sales icon to see a record of your recent integrated merchant account transactions.

These transactions are organized by day and by card type. The credit and debit sales total for the day displays at the top of each section. Below this total, you’ll see the day’s sales organized by card type. Each card-type section shows the total number of transactions for the day, the statuses of these transactions (e.g., Settled, Pending, or both), and the total sales for that card type.

Tap any card-type section to see individual transaction details. In this detail view, transactions are organized by status—Pending or Settled—and by client. Use this view when you want to see a client’s name, check whether a card was keyed in or swiped, or view the sale date and the total amount of a purchase.

Things to know

  • The report is calculating its totals in accural and cash basis accounting.
  • Tips are included in the total.
  • Transactions in Pending status will always show up on the current date.
  • Only the owner and staff members with permission to view the "Sales / Sales by Category / Sales by Services reports can access it. 




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