How to add new clients

With MINDBODY Express™, you can add new clients to the system in a flash.

  • To begin, tap the clients icon.
  • Hit the New Client button at the bottom right (1).
  • Enter the customer's contact information (2). Required fields will display in red. These fields correspond with the requirements you've set for Business Mode. To adjust these settings, visit the Required Fields screen in your MINDBODY sit. To learn how, watch this training video.
  • The client will be opted in for email communication automatically, but you can opt them out by unchecking the box (3).
  • Once you've entered the client's information, hit Continue (4).
  • The app will ask if you’d like to have the client sign the liability waiver now. If so, tap Sign Waiver Now (5). The client will read the waiver, sign, and agree to it. If the client does not sign now, they can do so later. Read the “Liability waivers” article for more information.
  • Once you’ve made a decision about the liability waiver, you’ll be taken to the client’s profile screen.



To learn more about client profiles, click here.


You can also add a new client and start a sales ticket for him or her at the same time. Here’s how:

  • Tap the retail icon.
  • Choose New Client in the menu (1).
  • Enter the client’s first name, last name, and any contact information you wish. The client will be opted in to receive emails from your business by default (2). However, you can tap the orange checkbox to opt the client out of email communication.
  • Tap the “Continue” button at the top right (3). This adds the client to the system and takes you to the Retail screen.


To learn more about selling to existing, new, and walk-in clients, click here.







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