Booking appointments

With MINDBODY Express™, you can book your client’s follow-up appointment before they leave the massage table or the salon chair. Here’s how:

  • Tap the schedule icon.
  • Scroll through the schedule, or use the calendar at the top right, to select the day when the client wants to book the appointment.
  • Hit +Book Appointment in the bottom right (1).
  • Search for and select the client who wants to book the appointment (2), or add that client to the system (3).
  • Next, you’ll choose the appointment type, staff member, and date the client wants to book (4):
    • Select Appointment Type: Tap the link to open the appointment menu, and choose the type of appointment the client wants to book. Note: If the staff member is available for only one appointment type, the system will automatically select it.
    • Select Staff Member: Tap the link to open the staff menu, and choose a staff member to perform the appointment. Note: If you are logged in as a staff member who can perform the selected type of appointment, this field will automatically populate with your name.
    • Date: The date that you originally selected will display here, but you can change it if you wish.
  • After you select an appointment type, a staff member, and a date, you can then select the rest of the appointment details (5):
    • Start time: The earliest available start time for the appointment will display here. If you wish to change the start time, tap the current start time and scroll through the available times. Tap “Done” to select a new one.
    • End time: The end time will be based on the start time and the duration of the appointment.
    • Duration: Double check the duration to make sure that the appointment is booked for the right amount of time. If you wish to change the duration, tap the current duration and scroll through the available durations. Tap “Done” to select a new one, and the end time will automatically adjust.
    • Resource (Room): Select a room or resource for this appointment.
  • Send Confirmation Email: If you have the Appointment Booking Confirmation (Single) Auto Email enabled, you can choose whether or not you want to send it to the client. Just toggle the switch, depending on your preference (6). This setting applies to both the regular email and the text message notification.
  • Appointment Notes: Enter any appointment notes you'd like into the field at the bottom of the screen (7).
  • Hit Book in the upper right when you have all of the details set the way you want them (8). The appointment will be added to the schedule.

If you chose to send the client an auto email, but the client is not set up to receive them, then MINDBODy Express will ask you to enter an email address and/or change the client's opt-in status after you hit the "Book" button. You can choose whether or not you want to do so.




If you need to make any changes to a scheduled appointment, tap the appointment block in the schedule. Then, hit the pencil icon on the right. This opens the Edit Appointment screen. Make any necessary changes to the appointment, and hit Save.

To mark the appointment as confirmed or arrived, tap the appointment block in the schedule. Then, hit the checkboxes to change the appointment’s status. The color will update to alert staff members of the change. You can also tap Complete to check out the appointment, or choose to early or late cancel from this same menu. Note: The option to late cancel an appointment is available only after the appointment has been completed.


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