Schedule overview and views

The schedule gives you a snapshot of the classes, enrollments, and appointments scheduled at your business. It allows you to quickly access class and enrollment sign-in sheets, appointment details, and more. To find the schedule, hit the schedule icon on the left side of the screen.


Scroll through past and future dates with the flick of a finger, or tap any date on the calendar in the upper right to see what’s happening on a specific day. 

On the schedule, you can tap Everyone's Schedule to see everything happening at your business (1), or hit My Schedule to see just the services you’re scheduled to perform (2).



You can even hit Custom Schedule to customize the specific services and staff members’ schedules you see (1). Just expand the Choose Staff and Choose Class Types sections, and then tap the staff members’ names and the class types you want to see (2). Then, hit Set (3). To clear these custom filters parameters at any time, tap Reset Filter.



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