Liability waivers

If you use a liability waiver at your business, MINDBODY Express™ will alert you if the client has not yet agreed to it. 



Enabling liability waivers

To set up a liability waiver at your business, just hit the Home tab and select Manager Tools in the submenu. Choose Settings and select General Setup & Options under General Settings. 

Or, if you're using the classic version of MINDBODY, visit Toolbox => Setup => Options => General Setup & Options.

On the General Setup & Options screen, expand the Policy Text/Custom Wording section. Check the box to enable the Liability Release option, and then update the liability release text in the box below. 


Checking a client's liability release status

To see whether or not a client has agreed to your liability waiver, tap the clients icon on the left. Then search for and select the client in question. Look for a section below the client’s name and photo that says, “Sign Liability Waiver.” 

If you see this message, remind the client to log in to his or her account in consumer mode—from a home computer—and agree to the waiver.

You can see whether or not a client has signed the liability waiver in a few other places, too.

  • On the schedule: Tap the schedule icon on the left. Look for any booked appointment. If the client still needs to agree to the waiver, you’ll see a "no waiver" banner over the client's picture on the schedule. If you tap the appointment, you'll see the warning in the client's appointment details, too. 
  • On class and enrollment sign-in sheets: Tap the schedule icon on the left. Then tap the name of the class or enrollment on the right. When applicable, the "no waiver" banner will show up to the right of clients’ names on the sign-in sheet.
  • In the Retail screen: Tap the Retail icon on the left. Then, select the client who is making the purchase. You’ll see the client’s name and picture in the top left of the screen. If the client needs to agree to the waiver, the "no waiver" banner will show up over the client's picture.

Agreeing to the liability waiver

  • Having your clients agree to liability waivers is simple using MINDBODY Express, just pull up a client's profile to get started.

    • Tap Sign Liability Waiver (1). Note: If your client has already signed the liability waiver, the message “Liability Waiver Uploaded” will display instead.
    • Hand the iPad to your customer, who will read the terms of the liability release.
    • The customer will then tap I Agree, sign the waiver with a fingertip, and tap Submit (3). 
    • The app will let you know that a PDF copy of the signed agreement has been saved in the client's documents for future reference. Tap OK (4).
    • The client’s profile will display the message “Liability Waiver Uploaded” with a green checkmark (5).
    • To cancel the liability release agreement instead of agreeing to it, customers can tap the Cancel button at the top left. 







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