How to add client photos

Adding photographs to your clients’ profiles allows staff members to match faces with names. These photos show up on your schedule for each booked appointment, so you can easily mark clients as arrived when they show up smiling at your door.

To add a photograph to your client’s profile:

  • Hit the clients icon on the left.
  • Search for and select an existing client, or add a new client to the system.
  • Then, follow the instructions below:
    • If you need to take a new picture, tap Take Photo (1), and snap a picture of your client. If your client isn’t happy with the photo, tap Retake and take another. 
    • If you have already snapped a picture of the client, hit Choose Existing (2). Allow MINDBODY Express™ to access your photos. Then, select the client’s photo from the source you prefer.
    • When you get a picture that everyone likes, use your fingers to zoom in or out, and then hit Use Photo (3)
    • The picture will show up in the client’s profile and on all of the client’s appointments in the schedule (4).



If you want to change a client’s existing photograph for a new one, repeat the steps above.



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