Client profile overview

From the Clients screen, you can easily add new clients and make changes to existing client profiles. It’s especially convenient to add and update client profiles in MINDBODY Express™, because you can snap your customer’s photo using your iPad’s camera application, and then hand over the tablet to have the client enter his or her own contact info.





Adding a new client

  • To begin, tap the clients icon.
  • Hit the New Client button at the bottom right (1).
  • Enter the customer's contact information (2). Required fields will display in red. These fields correspond with the requirements you've set for Business Mode. To adjust these settings, visit the Required Fields screen in your MINDBODY Site: Clients => Required Fields.
  • The client will be opted in for email communication automatically, but you can opt them out by unchecking the box (3).
  • Once you've entered the client's information, hit Continue (4).
  • The app will ask if you’d like to have the client sign the liability waiver now. If so, tap Sign Waiver Now (5). The client will read the waiver, sign, and agree to it. If the client does not sign now, they can do so later. Read the “Liability waivers” article for more information.

Once you’ve made a decision about the liability waiver, you’ll be taken to the client’s profile screen.




Finding an existing client

  • To find an existing client, tap the clients icon on the left.
  • The client list will automatically bring up the last ten clients you’ve viewed during this login session, with the most recent client at the top. Tap to select the client you want to view in this list (1).
  • Or, search for the client by name, phone number, or email (2).



Adding and updating client information

On the client’s profile screen, tap Edit Profile. This allows you to add or edit the information in the following sections, as follows:

Personal info

  • Make changes to the client’s name.
  • Tap Gender to select Male, Female, or Unspecified.
  • Tap the field below the gender selector to enter the client’s birthday. In the pop-up menu, scroll through the months, days, and years, to line up the client’s birthday in the blue highlighted field. Note: The current date (month, day, and year) will display in blue text, but this does not affect your selection.

Contact info

  • Enter the client’s email, and check or uncheck the email opt-in box to match the client’s preference.
  • Enter the client’s mobile phone, home phone, as well as the client’s work phone and extension.


  • Enter all of the client’s address information—for home or work—as applicable.

Emergency contact

  • Enter the client’s emergency contact information—name, phone number, email, and the contact’s relationship to the client.

Referred by

  • Tap the field and scroll through the available options to record the way this client heard about your business. Note: To enter a referral method other than those listed here, you’ll need to log on to your MINDBODY system via computer.




Adding client photos

Tap New Photo to add a photograph to your client’s profile.

  • If you need to take a new picture, tap Take Photo (1), and snap a picture of your client. If your client isn’t happy with the photo, tap Retake and take another.
  • If you have already snapped a picture of the client, hit Choose Existing (2). Allow MINDBODY Express to access your photos. Then, select the client’s photo from the source you prefer.
  • Once you have a picture that everyone is happy with, use your fingers to move and scale the picture. When you have it set up just right, tap Use Photo (3). Or, hit the “Cancel” button to begin again.
  • The picture will show up in the client’s profile and on all of the client’s appointments in the schedule (4).




Important information display

We’ve made it easy to access important client information from the client’s main Profile screen. If entered, the following information will show up on the client’s main profile page:

  • The client’s profile picture
  • Staff alerts and health alerts
  • The year the client first came to your business
  • If the client has not signed a liability waiver, you’ll see a Sign Liability Waiver button. Tap it when the client is ready to sign. If the client has already agreed to the liability waiver, you’ll see a message that says “Liability Waiver Uploaded.”
  • The client’s email address, birthday, and physical address
  • All of the client’s emergency contact information

Account details and purchases

On the far right of the client’s profile, you’ll see a sidebar where you can view the client’s account details and most recent purchases.

  • Tap Account Details to see the client’s account balance and unpaid visits, as well as any current pricing options on the client’s account (1).
  •  Tap Purchases to see what the client has bought most recently, including which items the client purchased and the payment method he or she used (2).





When you hit the link icon in the top right corner of the profile screen, a dropdown menu will allow you to quickly access the client’s Edit Profile screen, or add a new profile picture for the client.

You can also tap New Ticket to create a sales ticket for this client in the Retail screen.



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