On the schedule, enrollments display in order by start time. The circle icon to the right of the start time shows the number of students registered for the enrollment over the total capacity. (Example: 1/14 indicates 1 student registered for a 14-person capacity enrollment.)

  • Tap the name of the enrollment to access that day’s sign-in sheet.
  • To register a student for the enrollment, hit the Register Client button in the lower right.
  • Then, search for an existing client and select that client from the list. Or, hit the add client button, enter the new client’s information, and press Save.
  • To sign in students who have already registered, tap the square to the right of each name. A checkmark will appear next to each student who is signed in.


Accepting payment for an unpaid single-day enrollment

To accept payment for a student's unpaid single-day enrollment, just tap the student's name and click Buy in the popup menu.

  •  A menu that lists all pricing options that pay for the enrollment will pop up. Tap Reconcile at the top of this menu (1). Then, tap to select the pricing option the client wants to buy. If this is the only item the client wants to purchase, tap the checkout icon in the upper right (2). If the client wishes to buy additional pricing options or products, tap Continue Shopping. When everything has been added to the ticket, complete the checkout process as normal. The enrollment will now show as paid.



  • If a student has a pricing option that will pay for a multi-day enrollment, a message that indicates this fact will display on the right. To apply that pricing option to pay for the enrollment, you will need to log on to your MINDBODY system via computer.
  • If a student who signs up for a multi-day enrollment and needs to buy a pricing option to pay for it, that transaction will need to be completed in consumer mode, or through business mode on a computer.

    Please note: Enrollments in MINDBODY Express™ will enroll clients only for one day, not the entire enrollment (regardless of your settings). Please log in to your MINDBODY site on a computer to enroll your client into a multi-day workshop


Liability waivers

If the client hasn’t yet signed your liability waiver, you’ll see a red “no waiver” banner over their picture. Tap the client’s name to start the signing process. Learn more about liability waivers




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